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Colour chart

Roof colours as below. We match to all the popular colours. If you cant find the colour below then we can still make it for you. Some colours will incur a tint charge.
Accurate colour selection is difficult from a screen. Please click here to order either a brush out or test pot of any of our Paint Tech roof colour.
See below the chart for a brief description of each colour to assist in colour selection. We are happy to send out test pots so you can be sure of your selection.

Colour Description:

Brick Red is a traditional red. Slightly lighter than Pioneer Red.

Bone White.

Charcoal. This is a dark grey with a slight undertone of blue. No where near as blue as New Denim Blue. Very similar to Grey Friars.

Desert Sand. With a natural warmth, this colour can serve as a backdrop to splashes of colour of all persuasions. Any hue found in a coffee cup, or hot chocolate mug will also blend with Desert Sand. It works well as a conduit between dark and light colours, making it perfect for everything from roofs to cladding and joinery.

Ebony Grey/Black. This is black.

Grey Friars is a dark grey. Lighter would be medium grey, followed by Sandstone Grey, then Gull Grey.

Gull Grey is the lightest of the greys. the next dark is Sandstone Grey.

Ironsand. A dark grey that has an undertone of brown.

Karaka is a deep, rainforest green.

Lignite is a chocolatey brown. looks almost like a slab of dairy milk.

Mission Brown. A rich brown designed to match the 70’s joinery.

Mist Green a soft and slightly muted version of the natural greens found in the New Zealand landscape. 

New Denim Blue is a grey but with a definite blue look. 

Permanent Green is fresh bright dark green.

Pioneer Red is a classic kiwi red.

Sandstone Grey is light grey. Very popular for garage floors.

Scoria is a rich red-brown. 

Titania is a warm pale colour.

Terracotta is just like you would imagine a terracotta pot is.